Ohio School Fires Lunch Lady For Buying Hungry Students Food Who Couldn’t Afford It

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This is what is wrong with our society. Here we have a woman with a heart of gold, losing her job because she was helping those in need. Last I  knew, this was considered a noble act, not a fireable offense.

Ohio middle school canned a lunch lady after she gave away food to students who couldn’t afford it, including her grandkids, and later paid for the meals out of her own paycheck.

Denver Place Elementary School lunch lady Debbie Solsman told WXIX students often came through the lunch line without enough money in their accounts, and she would either buy them lunch out of her own pocket or write out an IOU and stash it in the cashier’s drawer.

lunch lady fired

“I sometimes would buy (hungry students) an extra slice of pizza because I did feel them out, ask them what they had for supper the night before,” Solsman said. “Sometimes they would tell me nothing.”

Debbie had worked at the school since 2003 and she was recently fired due to “Failure to account for food sales at (her) cashier job in the cafeteria and providing food without payment to (her) grandchildren.”

The community is in absolute awe over the canning of Debbie. Parents of students at the school are rallying together to support Debbie and believe firing her was the wrong choice.

What do you think? Even though Debbie broke policy…should she have been fired?

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