April To Host Incredible Lyrid Meteor Shower

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Lyrid Meteor Shower 2018

The Lyrid meteor shower has reportedly been around 2,700 years, making it one of the oldest meteor showers on record and this April, you will be able to witness the meteor shower in all its glory.

The event should showcase roughly 10 to 20 awesome meteors per hour.

Lyrid meteors are small chunks of rock that break off of Comet Thatcher, “a long-period comet that orbits the sun about once every 415 years,” Space.com reports.

The Earth crosses Comet Thatcher’s path every year around April, causing a “shower” of meteors to fall from the sky as it collides “with a trail of comet crumbs,” the space site explains.

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2018

When Can I See The Lyrid Meteor Shower?

You can spot meteors in the sky from April 16 through April 25, though the shower peaks just before dawn — from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. — on April 22.

What’s The Best Place To Watch A Meteor Shower?

“Get to a dark spot, get comfortable, bring extra blankets to stay warm, and let your eyes adjust to the dark sky,” NASA suggests. “A cozy lounge chair makes for a great seat, as does simply lying on your back on a blanket, eyes scanning the whole sky.”

The meteors will start to form around the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, which is shaped like a harp. However, NASA recommends focusing on a spot in the sky away from the constellation, as they will “appear longer and more spectacular from this perspective.”