Macaulay Culkin Wins Makeover Of The Year 2017

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Macaulay Culkin was once one of the most famous child actors on the planet, and to this day just about everyone knows his name…and face.

As a famous child actor, best known for his role in the Home Alone series, Culkin couldn’t go anywhere without being recognized. Throughout his teen years and early adulthood, Culkin took on various roles and remained an active actor.

But as he got older he stepped away from acting for a while. Culkin seemed to take a bit of a turn…far away from the cute child star he once was.

Culkin worried fans in 2012 when photos surfaced of him looking rail-thin, tired and gaunt. Over the years, his image rarely changed, and he continued to spark conversation about his well-being, including speculation over whether he was heavily using drugs. Culkin had denied those allegations in many interviews.

Culkin hit the spotlight again when he was featured in a 2016 web series :DRYVRS. Created by and starring Jack Dishel of Only Son/The Moldy Peaches. In that episode, Culkin acts as though he is Home Alone star, Kevin McCallister and goes on to explain how traumatizing it was to be left home alone.

DRYVRS – December 2016


DRYVRS – December 2016

In that video, Culkin was dawning long hair and had a rather rough look to him. That all changed however in 2017.

Culkin cleaned up quite a bit this year and he looks much like we all remember him to look like. He’s happy, healthy and no doubt watching Home Alone this holiday season!

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