This Magnetic Face Mask Will Forever Change How You Take Care Of Your Skin

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We all get blemishes and rough skin on our face from time to time and  facial cleansers and scrubs don’t always do the greatest job in replenishing our skin. Facial cleansers and scrubs typically only clean the surface of the skin, not the gunk below the surface.

Blemishes and rough skin are typically caused by blockages in our pores and in order to get rid of such blemishes, we need to clean out those pores – and most importantly – keep them clean!

Face masks, do just that.

But not just any face mask on the market. We are not talking about the $2.00 face masks you find at TJ Maxx or Walmart. We are talking about a revolutionary face mask that will replenish your skin like never before!

It’s called the Onyx Youth magnetic facial mask. And. It. Works. Wonders!

Onyx Youth is an iron powder face mask from Korea that uses magnetic properties to visibly lift away impurities and illuminate dull, dry skin. The mask is infused with amino acids, antioxidants and botanical oils to leave your skin hydrated and more youthful. A total plus right? The active ingredients can actually minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Again…a huge plus!

Using the face mask is super simple too! I personally use one once a month and it never ceases to amaze me at just how much ‘junk’ it removes from my face!

The Onyx Youth Kit comes in a pretty sleek box containing a glass jar of the mask, an applicator spatula, a Magic Effector tool, and disposable effector covers.

All you have to do is – first, apply the thick mask solution to your face using the spatula. Leave the mask on for five to 10-minutes. Then wrap the Magic Effector tool with a thin plastic disposable effector cover.

Next, glide the Magic Effector tool all over your face to remove the mask. This is when the magnetic magic takes place, with impurities being drawn out of your skin!

Seriously, this is one of the coolest processes ever! It not only works wonders…it’s super fun to put on and take off!

Right now, Onyx Youth is offering some super deals on this revolutionary anti-aging face mask!

A 1-month supply (one full kit), normally costs around $150. But right now, you can get that exact same kit for just $89.99. With free shipping of course!

Onyx Youth also offers bigger discounts, the more you buy!

You can check out all the great deals that they have to offer HERE!