Maine GOP Senator Posts Meme On Facebook Suggesting Obama Will See ISIS At Family Reunion

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This probably wasn’t the best move for Maine Republican Senator Michael Willette, read the story and let us know what you think!

“I’ve been very good over the last year and a half about not posting things about Obama, but this one was too good to pass up,” wrote Maine Republican Senator Michael Willette on Facebook on March 1st before posting an image with the caption “Why haven’t I done anything about ISIS? Because I’ll deal with them at the family reunion.” superimposed over a photo of the president.


Willette manages to combine some of the worst false slurs and conspiracy theories about President Obama’s family, faith and foreign policy in one meme, and seems to know he shouldn’t be posting it.

“I promise this will be the last one for some time,” he assures readers of the public Facebook post.

The post was met with approval from Willette’s Facebook friends, who responded with laughter, imagined scenes at such a family reunion, and the assurance from one that “No need for apologies Obama sucks we all know that.”

Sen. Willette, who chairs the legislature’s State and Local Government Committee, first won elected office as a Democratic State Representative. He switched to the Republican party shortly after the GOP won control of the Maine House in the 2010 election.

Willette is the father of Alex Willette, a former Maine House Assistant Minority Leader, former campaign spokesperson for Governor LePage, briefly a candidate for Congress in the Second Congressional District, and current National Committeeman for the Maine Republican Party.


Source : Bangor Daily News