Maine Man Gets ONLY 9-Months In Jail After Admitting To Sexually Assaulting 6-Year-Old Boy

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Yet again, the Maine judicial system as imposed a ridiculously light sentence for a disgusting and outrageous crime. 

23-year-old Scott Lathan pleaded guilty on Tuesday to unlawful sexual contact that occurred between July 13 and Aug. 4.

Lathan crawled  into a 6-year-old boy’s tent at a Wayne campground over the summer and touched him inappropriately. 

Lathan was sentenced to five years in prison with about nine months to be served and the balance suspended with two years of probation. He must register as a sex offender for 25 years.

Oh wow…9-months in jail! Big whoop! It is amazing that a person who gets caught stealing a few cans of soup from a supermarket can get more time in jail that one who molests an innocent child. 

Prosecutors say Lathan was intoxicated at the time of the incident. They say he was a friend of the boy’s family.

Well that makes it all the better. Lathan was a little buzzed so all is good. Lets just slap the sicko on the wrist and move on. Something truly needs to be done about our justice system. 9-months in jail is a joke where as this poor kid will have to live with Lathan’s actions forever. 

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