These Companies Will Pay You up to $300/Month to Watch Movie Trailers

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companies pay you to watch movies

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Sounds a little to good to be true right? Well, it 100% true and pretty awesome!

If you end up being quite committed to this gig, you can rake it upwards of $300 a month!

Many of you have already heard about InboxDollars, but did you know that they will pay you to watch TV and movie trailers? Plus, you get a free $5 just for signing up!

Their are specific playlists of trailers set up and you will have to watch the entire playlist in order to get paid. They do let you know how long the playlists are prior to watching and they only range from a few minutes to roughly a half hour.

make money watching movies


Swagbucks in another good place to turn in order to rake in a some extra cash for doing very little.

By watching videos with Swagbucks, it’s simple. You can literally just mute your phone or computer and let the videos roll while you do something else. You will earn Swagbucks points for each video and at the end of the month that can equate to an extra $90 or so!

Not a bad gig!

Theaters and movie studios are interested in collecting data about the audience that attends their movie premieres. They want to know how many people buy tickets on opening day, which screening time is most popular and which previews are being shown. That’s where you come in.

Movie premiere secret shopping is called an “in-theater check.” To apply, you’ll need to fill out an application with the mystery shopping company Market Force Information.

The application is only a few simple questions and nearly everyone in the U.S. and Canada is eligible.

Once you’re accepted as an auditor, you will need to pay attention to your email as you will be receiving new gigs in your area. You don’t have to accept all the gigs. Therefore, if a movie doesn’t sound like it’s worth $30 to see, you don’t have to.

You won’t become rich being a movie auditor, but you can earn a cool $10-$20 per hour watching movies!