Make Up Artist Turns Herself Into Dory From Finding Nemo

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Chrisspy, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, is one of many women demonstrating her amazing makeup skills online. The woman has acquired over 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and once you see what’s she’s able to create, you’ll understand why she has such a large number of followers.

One of Chrisspy’s recent uploads shows viewers how to create a look that we would never have guessed could be done at home. As many anticipate the release of the Finding Nemo spin-off, Finding Dory, the woman decided to transform into the quirky character.

The woman had to use her entire head to make the transformation as believable as possible. Using both makeup and paint, she made the epic transformation. Her artistry is way beyond simple face paint from a fair, so if you try to duplicate this look, you will need to have some skill.


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