Make Your Very Own Festive Ping Pong Party Lights!

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ping pong

Heather Smith has come up with a great way to make some very cool, festive glowing lights from Ping Pong balls…that’s right…Ping Pong balls! Check out the step by step instructions below. #DIY

You will need:
-a bag of ping pong balls
-craft knife
-LED fairy lights – make sure they’re LED so they don’t melt the plastic

ping pong1

Start by carefully cutting a small X into a ping pong ball (I use cheapy ping pong balls because they’re super easy to cut into).

ping pong2

Carefully bend the LED light so that it can easily be pushed into the ping pong ball.

ping pong3

ping pong4

Spread the wire to run along the ball which will keep it in place. You might have a few ping pong balls pop off, but they can easily be popped right back on!

ping pong5 ping pong6

There you have it! Now it’s time to party! Remember to share with your friends!