‘Making A Murderer’ Steve Avery May Have An Airtight Alibi According To His New Attorney

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If you have been following the Steve Avery case in the ever so popular Netflix series ‘Making A Murderer’, you know that Steve Avery has a series hole to climb out of in order to get out of Jail.

Did Avery commit the murder of Teresa Halbach? Or is he being framed by his local law enforcement? These are the two main questions that everyone wants answers for and one woman is out to get them…in a big way!

Avery’s new attorney, Kathleen Zellner does not mess around when it comes to finding the evidence needed to exonerate her clients. Since Zellner took Avery’s case she has been on a rampage, finding evidence that was either hidden or ‘overlooked’ by the prosecution.

In yet another new twist in the Avery case, Zellner claims to have found evidence that provides an ‘airtight’ alibi for Avery during the time of Halback’s supposed sexual assault and ultimate murder.

In short, Zellner claims that cellphone records prove that Halbach left the Avery property after photoing the vehicle Avery had for sale. Cellphone records indicate that Halbach’s phone was connected to cellphone towers miles and miles away from Avery’s residence, all the while Avery’s phone stayed on his property.

Some may say that Avery had Halbach’s phone and left his phone home to provide the alibi. But lets face it, for starters, Avery is not that smart. Secondly, ten years ago, tracing cell phones to cell towers was not a mainstream practice. It wasn’t done often and it wasn’t talked about much either. For Avery to know that his phone would be traced to a specific cell tower and to plan to leave it home to provide the alibi, is rather far fetched and well out of the intelligence level of Avery.

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So, this is rather damning evidence if it is in fact true. This would mean that the prosecution’s argument that Halbach never left Avery’s property is in fact false.

Zellner will be in court next month to get the ball rolling in Avery’s appeal. This will certainly be a case to watch unfold…….again.

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