Mama Bear Scolds Her Cub For Peeking Into This Woman’s Window

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Sumer Walser Williams and her husband were woken up by a nosy visitor at their North Carolina home. It was a baby bear.

“We heard clanging outside our bedroom window that backs up to our front deck,” Williams told The Dodo. “Sure enough, when I put the front deck lights on, there was a cub at the front door.”

The couple couldn’t believe what they were seeing! The little bear cub stood right up and was peeking in their home! Williams and her husband were quite pleased to see the little bear…but not everyone was pleased about the little guys curiosity.

Being a parent herself, Williams could relate to mama bear!

“It was so relatable,” Williams said. “That’s my daily experience with my own children. I think that’s what made the video so great. It showed that some aspects of parenting are uniform across species.”