Man Arrested For Playing The Star Spangled Banner On July 4th Has Charges Dropped!

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AWESOMELane Pittman, a Florida college student was arrested and cited this past 4th of July for celebrating July 4th with a searing guitar rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” at a block party. Well, Pittman is getting the last laugh!

Charges against Lane Pittman of breaching the peace and inciting a riot in the Neptune Beach incident were dropped, according to his attorney, Caleb Rowland.

The video of Pittman rocking out the National Anthem on Independence day with a massive crowd singing along is actually pretty freaking awesome! Who on earth arrests an American man on Independence Day for playing our Countries national anthem? Were people really disturbed by this 3 minute guitar performance of their own countries anthem?

Either way, good for Pittman that all charges were dropped. Our justice system amazes me, we arrest people for the most ridiculous stuff.


Watch your tax dollars hard at work below! God Bless America Peeps!

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