Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Gets Lap Dance From Chris Brown At Concert

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Chris Brown is out there juicing up other dude’s ladies…and those dudes are not happy about it!

Brown is currently on a US and European tour and his concerts have already caused a bit of entertainment for the world to watch – without ever attending a show.

A few weeks ago, Brown made headlines for bringing a female fan on stage and singing to her…but when she kept taking out her phone to snap selfies of herself on stage, Brown grabbed the phone mid song and chucked it into the crowd! The woman did get her phone back at the end of the show — thanks to another fan snagging it and keeping it for her.

This time however, Brown brought a fan on stage, sang to her and gave her a lap dance. The chick had a boyfriend and he wasn’t too pleased. It’s unknown if he was upset about Brown himself giving the lap dance, for the fact that his woman seemed to truly enjoy it!

TikTok user ‘Dash’ bought his girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown perform live. However, he wasn’t expecting his boo to get pulled up onstage, where she received a lap dance from Breezy.

His viral video recounting how he felt about the situation has racked up over 16 million views, with commenters urging him to part ways with his girlfriend.

@dashthelith Replying to @𓃗 ♬ Collide (Sped Up Remix) – Justine Skye

@dashthelith Replying to @icespicecult___ do you guys think an update video is necessary? #chrisbrown ♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

His decision to break up has caused quite a stir on TikTok, with some users saying his girlfriend was innocent, while others claimed she should have refused the lap dance.

“Celebrities are also real people, and very much so human,” one user wrote. “She knows it’s wrong, but in her mind she’s telling herself, ‘It’s Chris Brown.’”

“But if the roles were reversed, she’s having a six-part series,” another argued.