Man Buys Whole Flower Truck, Parks It Outside Nursing Home So Seniors Can Make Their Own Bouquets

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Rene Blais from RB Oilfield Hauling Inc. called up florist Joline Willsey, of Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck to hatch a plan to make a group of senior citizens’ day, local radio Reach 96.3 FM reports. Willsey posted on Facebook about bringing a truckload full of flowers to the group. She wrote:

Isn’t this one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen?!? 👵 🌸👴 My heart is so full from being a part of this amazing experience this afternoon❤️…. So last weekend I had a gentleman come to my truck with a very thoughtful idea💡He wanted to purchase an entire truck full of flowers and asked if I could park at a Senior Citizens complex so they could come and pick flowers to build their own bouquet for their room. Amazing right?!? Rene Blais from RB Oilfield Hauling Inc, you brought so much JOY and HAPPINESS 🙏✨to these seniors today, we are all so very grateful for your generosity.

The flowers were not just a gift, they were an activity. Allowing people to pick and choose their own bouquets to personalize their rooms recognizes the autonomy of the individuals living at the complex, and gives them a chance to exercise their imaginations, chat with one another, and share their creativity. A beautiful, generous, and thoughtful gesture that we need more of to celebrate and support older generations.