Man Catches Online Casino Dealer Using Slight Of Hand To Cheat During Blackjack Game

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If you play any sort of online blackjack…be careful and pay attention. 

Professional blackjack player Michael Morgenstern was live streaming an online blackjack session on the popular casino, BetOnline. During the live game, Michael noticed a very fast, slight of hand movement performed by the dealer as he was grabbing a card for a player.

***Since this video came out just a few days ago, it is rumored that BetOnline has stopped working with the Costa Rican – cheating, casino in question. The casino was breaking the rules and values set forth by BetOnline. (The dealer and the casino he works for, is not and was not affiliated with BetOnline directly.)***

BetOnline has not made a public statement since the video surfaced. 

In the video a player was showing an 11 and took a hit, while the dealer showed a king. If you watch closely at the dealers hand, you will notice that the dealer pushes up the first card (which should have been the players card) and he takes out the second card and delivers it to the player. The card was a six, which gave the player a 17. 

That six, should have been the dealers card though, but instead the dealers takes the second card which was an eight. That eight should have been the players card, which would have given him 19.

The dealer would have then pulled a six and possibly busted the hand. The video didn’t record any further, so we don’t know if the dealer would have busted or not.

This is pretty clear proof that this kind of stuff happens. So be careful and play at your own risk.

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