Man Claims His Wife’s Odd Addiction Is Destroying Their Marriage

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Well isn’t this just one of the strangest things to get addicted to. It sounds to me like this woman just has super addictive tendencies and would be addicted to cat liter if she ate it.

Sherman claims his wife of 15 years, Delphi, is addicted to kava and kratom teas, and he says it’s tearing their world apart. “When Delphi drinks the kava and kratom, it affects her behavior,” Sherman explains. “Kratom gives her energy and a high. Kava gives Delphi a euphoric effect. She’s flaky, and nothing else can get accomplished.” He says she spends $400 to $600 a month at kava bars.

Delphi claims that she does all of this out of spite because her husband is verbally abusive and does not stop yelling at her on a daily basis.  Sherman has a different story however. There is also claims that Sherman tricked Delphi into signing paperwork that sells their family home to him for just $10.00. The episode will be airing next Friday on Dr. Phil.


You can view the trailer for the episode on the Dr. Phil website here.

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