Man Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed For People Who Are Too Lazy To Wake Up

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An inventor came up with a brilliant solution to your biggest problem in the morning.

After receiving a crazy amount of requests from subscribers in his YouTube channel, the Mad Engineer decided to create a bed that won’t take “snooze” for an answer.

The high voltage ejector bed will literally toss you out of bed if you are too lazy to get up and out on your own! In addition to throwing you out of bed, it also blares sounds of car horns and sirens.

The bed has home-made pistons powered by ordinary domestic compressors that will launch its sleeping “riders” up and off. As a bonus, Furze added some bright flashing lights as well as alarms enough to wake up even the heaviest sleepers.

Prior to hosting Gadget Geeks show on Sky 1, Furze worked as a plumber. The brilliant inventor never fails to amuse us with his insane yet genius inventions that he showcases in his YouTube channel and website.

Would you use this?

Here’s how the awesome bed was made.