Man Cures His Anxiety & Depression With Daily Dips In Freezing Cold Water

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More than half of the world deals with daily anxiety and depression. While many of us may deal with this on the daily, you don’t have to let it control your life.

Mitchell Bock is a 30-year-old man who has been battling anxiety and depression for many years. Bock attempted to end his life last year as the worry dread was proving too much to handle.

***Suicide should never be an option. For help with suicidal thoughts – please reach out to someone by simply dialing ‘988‘, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ****

After Bock was hospitalized for an attempted suicide attempt, he was released from the hospital in just 13-hours. Bock felt as though he had not received the appropriate care and he was left feeling hopeless.

“I was feeling hopeless,” the young man from Wales recalled

This made Bock look for alternative ways to heal himself and rid himself of anxiety and depression.

Then, in January, just weeks after his suicide attempt, Mitchell’s mother Melanie Aldridge sent him an ice bath—a tub designed to retain cold that he could use to submerge himself.

Ice baths are a popular healing method for many different illnesses. Plunging into the cold water stimulates the brain and body and increases blood flow and endorphin activity in the brain.

“When I first did it, I remember waking up without the usual feeling of dread,” he said. “It was like going to bed with the flu and waking up completely cured.

“At first your body panics. You feel tingling and your heart races, but once you control your breathing its fine. I don’t find it uncomfortable anymore.

“I see it as swapping out a whole day of discomfort for a few minutes. You come out feeling amazing. It really is an instant thing.”

The ice bath’s have been so effective for Bock that he has been able to ween himself off of the medication that he has been taking for anxiety and depression for years.

“I’ve been on meds and going to therapy for years. Whenever I’ve rung the doctors, it’s been a short conversation and they’ve told me to up my meds.

“Now, I’ve started weaning myself off one of my medications and stopped taking one altogether. I’m that confident in how I’m feeling.”