Man Disproves The 9/11 Jet Fuel Argument In Less Than 2-Minutes

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Ever since the horrific tragedies that took place on 9/11, conspiracy theories have come and gone.  One theory in-particular has always sparked great controversy and conversation. The theory in which the burning jet fuel could not have caused the massive steel beams of the World Trade Centers to collapse. Thus, the attacks on New York City on that fateful day were a conspiracy theory by the United States Government.

Youtuber and Blacksmith purgatoryironworks recently created a video disproving the above theory. It is a known fact that jet fuel burns at roughly 1500 degrees while solid steal has a melting point of 2700 degrees. In this video, a half inch thick piece of solid steel is used to lift a solid steel anvil. The steel bar lifts the heavy anvil with ease. The Blacksmith then takes a half inch thick piece of steel that he has heated to roughly 1800 degrees, inserts it into the anvil and attempts to lift the anvil. The heated half inch piece of steel folds like a noodle in an instant and is unable to lift the heavy anvil.

Thus, proving that steel that is heated to roughly 1800 degrees becomes incredibly weak and could in fact collapse with just a small amount of pressure applied to it.

Take a look at the experiment in action below.


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