Man Finds 35-Year-Old Message In A Bottle While Cleaning Pollution From River

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As Nathan Foote drudged through the waters of the Grand River, picking out pieces of garbage and debris, something caught his eye that turned out to be the find of a lifetime.

“I actually thought it was just normal litter,” said Foote, speaking on the phone with FOX 17 today. “I looked down and saw that and thought, ‘what in the world is that in that old bottle?'”


Turns out the note, rolled and tied with a piece of fishing line, had made its way down the waters of the Grand from Rives Junction, Michigan. Its author was Marcia Polly, who, to Foote’s surprise, had penned the note nearly 35 years prior.


Foote reached out to Polly via social media, who was absolutely stunned at the discovery.

“I would have never guessed that 35 years later that I would actually hear from somebody. Because I had forgotten all about it.”

“I was just a kid. I was still in school in my last year,” said Marcia. “I walked the Grand River almost every day. I had to walk almost a mile to catch my bus.”

“I didn’t even think it would go anywhere. I thought it would probably get stuck or broken or whatever.”


Foote and Polly have plans to meet in person soon. It just goes to show you that with each day, you’ll never know what you’ll find, and even the most unassuming discoveries can be something amazing.

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