Man Finds Missing Lottery Ticket Worth $1 Million While Cleaning His House

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We have all done it…found an old pair of pants in the back of the closet…checked the pockets and voila, a $10 bill! Finding money and getting somewhat rewarded for being messy and unorganized is pretty great sometimes, but what if you found a lottery ticket worth $1 million the same way? How awesome would that be!

Well, that was the reality of one Oregon man recently. Joemel Panisa, was motivated to tidy up his house thanks to the recent snow and ice storm that swept through the state. According to the Oregon Lottery, as he was cleaning his home office, Panisa unexpectedly came across a lottery ticket he had purchased on Jan. 15, 2016. Pansia took the ticket in to claim it and was shocked to find that the ticket was worth $1 million and it expired in eight days.

Now that is luck! I guess bad weather isn’t all that bad after all!

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