Man Gets In Dirty Standoff With Police Over Inside Out Laundry

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Akron, Ohio : Police were called to a residence at 10 Fuller Lane shortly after 8 p.m. this past Saturday evening, after receiving reports that a man was disturbing the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.  Police arrived to find Walter Crosby, 38 distraught, angry and pacing in his front yard in just his under garments.

Police determined that the incident began when Crosby removed his clothing from the dryer after completing a lengthy laundry process trying to ensure the cleanliness of he and his life partners clothing.  I would appear that Crosby was more than frustrated when he discovered that the clothes he put in the dryer right side out where in fact inside out upon the removal from his newly purchased front load dryer.

Mr. Crosby

Mr. Crosby, 38 of Akron, Ohio












Sergeant Knausenberger from the Akron Police Department was quoted as saying “Mr. Crosby has completely lost his shit”.  “There were clothes all over the god damn place, inside out, right side in and Mr. Crosby was covered in an absurd amount of fabric softener.”

Mr. Crosby was issued a warning for disorderly conduct and no charges were filed.

Multiple attempts to contact Mr. Crosby’s life partner for comment were unsuccessful. However the police were able to have this sketch drawn of what they believe Mr. Crosby’s life partner may look like.

life partner

Life Partner Of Mr. Crosby – Age Unknown