Man Sucker Punches Kangaroo In The Face After Catching It Strangling His Dog

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Well this isn’t something you see everyday! Yikes!

So long story short, a man punched a kangaroo — a full-sized buck — right in the chops.

Steven Stubenrauch went rounds with the kangaroo after he noticed the kangaroo had his dog in a choke hold. Steven’s buddy wrote this under the Facebook video that is now making its rounds around the web. 

My buddy from Australia sent me this. Them roos are wild as hell.

Regardless, the footage looks like it was taken from some sort of TV show. In it, a car is seen driving through the outback.

The camera closes in on a bizarre scene of the kangaroo strangling a dog. The roo’s got it in a proper headlock and there’s no escaping its vice-like grip. Then, out of no where, a man is seen dashing toward the huge mammal. He’s heard shouting out for “Max,” and tells him to “come here.”

The kangaroo drops the dog and squares-up to the man. They both raise their fists as they prepare to engage in battle. Before the kangaroo even has a chance to box, the man lands a huge punch right on his face.

Check out the video below. 


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