Man Gets Testicles Stuck Inside IKEA Chair

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Meet Claus Jørstad the man who got his testicle trapped in Ikea furniture.

Claus is the Norwegian man who shared his horror story with IKEA on Facebook. Claus had a bum leg so he decided to use the IKEA stool in the shower, so he could sit down and still wash up. What sounded like a great plan, didn’t turn out to be such a good one!

As Claus sat down on the stool, naked and wet — he realized someone had gone horribly wrong.

He took a look and found one of his testicles had fallen through a hole in the stool seat and it wouldn’t come back out.

The warm water had expanded the testicle, yikes.

He was trapped.

Although Claus didn’t use the exact word ‘testicle’, choosing to use ‘little nutter’ instead — we get the point.

laus didn’t know what to do, so he just sat and waited. He sat there for so long that the water even went cold. In his Facebook post, he described the water as being colder than his mother-in-law’s smile when he married her daughter. Ouch.

Luckily, that freezing cold water helped him out in the end, allowing his testicle to shrink up a bit and become free.

Claus decided to post his story on the Ikea Facebook page, warning people so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes. Ikea replied in brilliant style, saying that maybe the issue was that he kept his stool in the shower.

They suggested that he should remove the stool from the shower and make sure that he dresses appropriately in the future.

It’s worth mentioning that Claus has a bad leg, which is why the stool was there in the first place. But still, it’s a valid point by Ikea. These stools were not designed for showering escapades.

Instead of taking the stool out of the shower, like IKEA suggested, Claus shared his fix to the trapped testicle issue.