Man Gives Entire Plane Full Of Passengers $2 Bills Because His Dad Taught Him A Valuable Lesson!

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Ever wonder why there are so few $2 bills in circulation? I can still remember getting my first $2 bill as a kid, it was the coolest thing and there was certainly something special about it!

$2 bill is America’s rarest small denomination in US Currency. Low printing numbers in the 1950s drove it be one of the rarest current denominations today. This caused people to hoard any $2 bills they came across which resulted in decreasing in circulation.


The $2 bill only accounts for roughly 1% of the US currency in circulation. The bill is slowly making a comeback however. In 2005, about 61 million $2 bills were printed.

There is a psychological aspect of using the $2 bill too. When you hand out a $2 bill, whether as a tip or just to a friend…you are remembered. It leaves an impression and if you are using a $2 bill as a tip…you will most certainly get great service!

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple actually buys two dollar bills by the sheet directly from the Treasury Department. He then bounds them into a booklet and can then use the bills as tear off pages when he needs them.

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Steve isn’t the only one who enjoys handing out the special bills…one man hands them out often and recently handed them out to an entire plane full of passengers! Why did he hand them out…well it was due to a valuable lesson he learned from his father many years ago.

Natalie Gunderson, from Ohio, was among the passengers on board when a stranger began handing out $2 bills to every person.

The stranger told everyone that his dad gave him a $2 bill when he was 16 and was told that as long as he kept it, he’d never be broke.

“That man honored his dad and gave everyone on our (almost full) flight a $2 bill so we’ll never be broke,” Gunderson said. “He just wanted to spread the love. Good people doing good things.”

Gunderson shared the photo of all the passengers on the plane holding up their token of good fortune.