VIDEO | Modern Day Hulk Shows Off His Superhuman Strength

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His name is Jon Call, AKA Jujimufu. No, his name doesn’t have any special samurai connotations to it. Call claims he received the pseudonym when he was 14 and was trying to start an AOL messenger account. All the names he wanted were taken, so he spat out “Jujimufu” in a fit of rage and it’s plagued him since then.

Now aged 30, the 5’11, 230 lb. Alabama native gained considerable notoriety when a video of him lifting weights while doing the splits between two chairs went viral recently, but as you can clearly see just by looking at him, he’s been in this game for a long time.

Call started training in Taekwondo at 13 and a year later his parents got him a gym membership, which is when he started to hit the weights. In 2000 he began teaching himself “tricking,” which is an aesthetic blend of flips, twists, and kicks, and he hasn’t stopped since.

On Thursday, the folk at People Are Awesome posted this compilation footage of Jujimufu in full beast mode. Stop whatever you are doing, watch this machine in action and then maybe begin by trying a couple of sit-ups.

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