Man Hides Cannabis In His Nose, Forgets About It For 18-Years

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An Australian man who battled severe sinus issues for nearly 18-years, has finally found the root cause — good ol’ cannabis.

The man stuck a packet of weed up his nose before going to prison 18-years ago and then forgot about it.

That’s right. For 18 long years.

The now 48-year-old man realized that the packet of pot was still in his head after a recent trip to the doctor, after complaining about having frequent headaches.

According to a study published earlier this week in BMJ Case Reports, appropriately titled “Nose out of Joint,” a CT scan showed what looked like a calcified lesion in the nasal passage.

When surgeons took a closer look, they reference removing a small packet containing plant/vegetable matter.

Picture or didn’t happen right? So here you go!

After the removal of the marijuana filled packet, serious questioning began via doctor’s and patient.

That’s when the man remembered a time when he was going to prison 18-years-ago and snorted the tiny packet of bud.

The man thought he inhaled the packet too far and just ended up swallowing it. That clearly wasn’t the case.

The patient, now free of the weed blockage, is breathing easier and life is all good – man!