Man Jumps In Ocean To Touch Shark, Thinks It’s Harmless…It Was More Than Likely A Great White

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A video which has gone viral on Reddit shows a man leaping into the water with what he believes is a harmless basking shark. It’s unclear where the video was taken.

“That was a bad idea,” he yells, surfacing. “Oh I touched it!”

The man’s friend then sees the shark as it swims by the boat: “That’s not a basking shark, dude!”

“that’s not a basking shark Dude!” from r/TheOutlawsAssociation

In a separate thread on the shark subreddit, users seem split on what kind of shark it is. Basking sharks have curved dorsal fins while Great White dorsal fins are pointed. Basking sharks also have a set of very visible gills that extend all the way around its torso to the top of its body.