Man Lists Himself For Sale On Facebook To Find A Girlfriend After Being Single For 11-Years

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After failing to find a girlfriend via dating apps, one man decided to list himself for sale on Facebook.

Alan Clayton, 30, described himself as “free” and in “good condition” on the items for sale page – a unique attempt at finding a girlfriend, which has left his inbox loaded with prospective matches.

Clayton had only been on one date as a result of the ‘for sale listing’ and sadly it didn’t work out, but the dates are lining up for Clayton.

After seeing his friends settle down and get married, Clayton simply wants that for himself, and admits he hasn’t had a girlfriend since school.


After trying and failing to find a girlfriend on dating apps like Plenty Of Fish and Tinder, Clayton decided to sign up for E-Harmony. However, E-Harmony asked him a ton of questions and it was at that point where Clayton realized he could simply list himself ‘for sale’ instead.

Posting phots of himself on Facebook Marketplace, he wrote: “Hello there ladies. I’m Alan. I’m 30 years old. I’m looking for a lovely lady to talk to, maybe more, as I got a few weddings to go to and don’t want to go alone. Lol. I tried dating sites not had any luck so thought I give this a go. Lol,” he wrote on Facebook.

Clayton, who lives with his parents and two siblings, received a positive response from commenters, with one writing: “Well done you for having the guts to post this. Once you find someone please post again with the lady on your arm.”

Women who are interested in going on a date can contact him through his Facebook page.