Man Looks Like Complete Idiot On Antiques Roadshow After Trying To Get Stolen Bansky Artwork Valulation

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If you are going to steal something — you probably shouldn’t. If you did steal something — not cool. In addition, you should probably not admit you stole something while being recorded for a television show.

This clip from Antiques Roadshow features a man looking to get a small painting by Banksy evaluated. When asked how he’d come by it, the man admit he’d seen it while walking down a street in Brighton one night. Recognizing it as Banksy’s handiwork, he then removed it from where it had been screwed into place.

What happens next is a little lesson in having morals.

You see, Bansky protects his art and brand in a big way. He has a company called ‘Pest Control’, which authenticates his own art work. However, there is a catch. If the artwork is removed from the public domain – he and his team will NOT authenticate it. Bansky believes that when he paints something on a public space, that it should remain there for all to enjoy. The artwork should never leave the public domain and fall into private hands or the private art market.

In this case, the dude that unscrewed the Bansky painting from a building — stole the artwork. When the appraiser asked the man if he had tried to get the piece authenticated by Bansky’s team ‘Pest Control’, he said he had and they refused to authenticate it for him.

The appraiser then explained why that happened and basically told this guy to not steal shit.