Man Loses 280-Pounds In Two Years With Simple Diet And Walking Over 6,000 Miles

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man loses weight walking 6000 miles healthy diet


Dave Lancaster is 45-years-0ld and he is in the best shape of his life. A call center manager and one who binge ate unhealthy foods daily, recently lost 280-pounds due to a few healthy lifestyle changes.

For years Dave ate nothing but junk food, chips, sausages, pies and a lot of wine. His unhealthy eating habits had him weighing 480-pounds at his peak weight.


Being 480-pounds, Dave could barely walk to the end of the street without being out breath and he knew he was in serious trouble, health wise.

While Dave was at his largest, he struggled into 8XL shirts and had a 66 inch waistline, now weighs a much healthier 196-pounds and has even reversed a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.


Dave shed 280-pounds with a grueling walking routine fueled by Weetabix, fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meat and fish. He started small walking going from bench to bench in his local park. But he never gave up and soon covered 10-miles per day, even climbing mountains.

This truly goes to show that if you want to be healthier, most often times it’s a simple choice of putting in the work, combined with a determination.