Man Nearly Loses His Head In Recent Hollywood, California Road Rage Incident

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Two drivers in Hollywood, California became embroiled in a dispute over a lane change on Tuesday. This dispute resulted in he two men getting out of their cars in the middle of traffic and exchanging blows. At one point, on of the drivers was knocked down and was nearly run over by a passing van in the oncoming lane. The blows continue for a few seconds and then the two get back into their cars…however…one man comes out of nowhere and tries to deliver a few blows of his own on one of the drivers. Craziness!

Police are actively seeking the people featured in the video but have no leads thus far.

*Please note the song that the man filming the video was listening to. House of Pain, ‘Jump Around’…it surely looks like the two brawlers in the video came to get down…

Source : Youtube