Man Places Four Tomato Slices In A Bucket Of Dirt & A Week Later Gardening Magic Happens!

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You are about to learn a super easy way to grow your own tomatoes. There is truly nothing to it!

Here is how it works :

  • Slice an over ripened tomato into quarter inch thick slices.
  • Fill a bucket three quarters of the way full with dirt or compost soil.
  • Place four slices of the slices you have cut on top of the dirt.
  • Cover the slices with a few more inches of dirt and wait!
  • Within a week you will start to see the new tomato plants sprouting.
  • Once the plants have sprouted a few inches tall, you can then transplant them into their own buckets or the ground for future growth!

This is a great gardening tip so share it with all of your gardening friends and family!


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