Man Spends 2-Years Planting Thousands Of Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell

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Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki have enjoyed a long and happy marriage in rural Japan, but disaster struck in more recent years when Mrs. Kuroki suddenly lost her sight due to complications from diabetes.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki have been married for a whopping 63-years! Shortly after their marriage in 1956, the couple moved onto a dairy farm where they raised 2 children together, and still remain to this very day.

The couple absolutely loves the outdoors!

After suffering from complications due to diabetes, Mrs. Kuroki tragically lost her sight. Mrs. Kuroki slipped into a deep depression, becoming withdrawn and seldom leaving the house.

At first, Mr. Kuroki was at a loss on how to cheer up his wife. But he didn’t give up and eventually thought of an ingenious way to get his wife back to the outdoors.

So he decided to start growing a flower garden. The garden would allow his wife to stay on their property, get outdoors and smell all the incredible flowers. 

The smell of the flowers would cheered up his wife, and encouraged her to spend more time outside in the garden. Fast forward 2-years…

…and thousands of flowers grace the couples property! 

Mrs. Kuroki started venturing outside to enjoy all her husbands efforts and boy did it change things for her! 

Mrs. Kuroki now smiles everyday and is able to enjoy the outdoors again! They couple has even become somewhat of a tourist attraction!

As people from all over the world come to visit Mr. Kuroki’s masterpiece, wanting to see and experience the love story themselves.

Well if that isn’t true love, I’m not sure what is!