Man Pre-Records Message To Play At His Funeral, Leaves Mourners Crying From Laughter

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Funerals are typically mournful and not filled with much laughter, but those are typical funerals. The funeral we are discussing below, is far from typical.

A video has been making the rounds on social media and it features footage from a funeral of an Irish man who recorded a hysterical message to be played during the funeral. As family and friends gather around the casket, lowered into the open grave, suddenly a voice comes out of nowhere and proclaims, “Hello?” followed by a loud banging, seemingly coming out of the casket.

My dad's dieing wish, always the pranksters, ya got them good Poppabear ? and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it!! I will love you forever ??#shayslastlaugh

Posted by Andrea Bradley on Sunday, October 13, 2019

The man who decided to prank his family for one last time was Shay Bradley, a Dublin grandfather of eight!

Image credits: Shay Bradley

The video was originally shared by Andrea Bradley who is the daughter of the late man, Shay Bradley. She uploaded the video to Facebook with the following message: “My dad’s dying wish, always the prankster, ya got them good Poppabear ? and gave us all a laugh just when we needed it!! I will love you forever ??#shayslastlaugh”.