Man Purchases Items From Airport After Security Check, Builds Powerful Bomb/Shotgun

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WTFYoutuber Terminal Cornucopia created this video showing how he purchased normal everyday items from an airport gift shop, after security check and then turned them into a powerful bomb – shotgun.

This person’s ingenious design is a cause for concern. To be able to create such a powerful weapon from items that are available in an airport is absolutely crazy! But…with that said, we can’t ban hairdryers, Mentos or pocket change either. So what do we do?

Check out just how powerful of a weapon this truly is.

Disclaimer taken from Terminal Cornucopia’s Youtube description. 

All Terminal Cornucopia weapons were constructed in a lab. At no point were any weapons built, handled, or transported in or near an airport.

Because the findings of this research (thus far) are arguably common sense, it is in this researcher’s opinion that they fall outside of the purview of Responsible Disclosure. That said, all findings have been reported to the proper authorities, whom were granted the option of establishing a timeline for remediation and/or disclosure. No instructions have been given to that end.

Don’t break the law. Don’t build weapons if you don’t know how to do it safely. Don’t be stupid.

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