Man Says 19-Inch Penis Is Destroying His Life – Hilarious Comments Flood In!

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We won’t go overboard in regards to the actual backstory of the man with a 19-inch penis, but here is the gist.

A 52-year-old Mexican man says he has the world’s largest penis — and it’s making his life miserable. (Video Below)

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera of Saltillo told Mexican newspaper Vanguardia that he would like to be considered disabled because the member leaves him unable to work, forcing him to live on assistance and scavenge for food.


Roberts States “Women Fear Me”

So on that note, let’s take a look at some of the Facebook comments involving this story, because they are quite funny!

penis1 penis2penis4

Well there you have it! We hope these comments made you smile and not puke in your mouth!