Man Sets Fire To His Ex-Girlfriend’s House & Dances On The Roof For Police

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Now if this isn’t a special kind of crazy I’m not sure what is!

One Indiana man stole his ex-girlfriends keys to her home and car, barricaded himself inside the home and then ultimately set the home on fire.

When police arrived to the residents the man was sitting oustide in a chair holding a large knife.  The crazy man then went back into the home, lit the house on fire and emerged again, this time on the roof of the home. The man was talking to police from the rooftop, flames shooting high into the sky behind him. After a few minutes of talking, police shot the man with rubber bullets. What happened next, was just odd and rather psychotic.

The man started dancing on the rooftop as the home burned around him. Police, Fire and Rescue all watched on as the man danced the day away…only to eventually have his dance party ended by a barrage of rubber bullets. Police were able to access the rooftop and subdue the¬†pyrotechnic dancer.

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