Man Shares Secret Hack To Get An iPhone 7 Headphone Jack. Has People Ruining $900 Phones Everywhere.

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The new iPhone 7 came equipped, or shall we say un-equipped with a standard headphone jack. Was this a bright move on Apple’s part? Probably not.

The phone comes equipped with these ridiculously small wireless earbuds that have become part of a massive internet joke, because they will knowingly get lost within the first few days of owning them.

The lack of a headphone jack means that no one can use their $300 Beats headphones or $400 Bose headphones that they love so much. iPhone 7 users clearly have expensive taste and want the best of the best, so obviously they have a sweet pair of headphones at home…WITH A HEADPHONE JACK! Now, users must resort to those tiny, uncomfortable wireless pieces of junk instead.

With that said, Youtuber TechRax claims he discovered a simple way for iPhone 7 users to get that much wanted headphone jack. All you need is a vice, a drill and a lack of common sense.

Clearly TechRax was just messing around and this hack is not a hack at all. So please folks, don’t try this. If you do, you will be left a phone that is voided of the warranty and you will have a ridiculous hole in the bottom of your brand hew $900 iPhone. 


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