Man Sues Papa John’s For Sending Annoying Text Messages To Uninterested Man

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I’m not sure if I have ever heard of pizza stressing someone out…and stressing them out so bad that they take legal action against the pizza maker!

Who can get mad at pizza?

Well, according to a report from TMZ, some yahoo reportedly did. A man is suing Papa John’s after the company allegedly “bombarded him with text messages,” an inconvenience he claims has caused him serious distress.

Jonathan Anozie started getting text messages from the pizza giant about special offers on their tasty delights. Jonathan didn’t want to receive them, so he replied to the text by writing ‘STOP’, which didn’t work…which ticked Jonathan off. The messages kept on coming in…offering Johnny a couple large pies with up to five extra topping for under $10 big ones! 

Clearly Johnathan was not interested in this offer and again he tried replying with the word ‘STOP’. They messages kept coming and now Johnathan is taking legal action. 

Why the legal action? Well, Johnny says he now suffers from a variety of unfortunate conditions including “significant anxiety, frustration, and annoyance.

In a world of crazy lawsuits…he may just win this one! After all, I’m sure this will fall under some sort of harassment or pizza profiling. 

Cover photo credit : Mark Guim

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