Man Surfs Through New York City Nailing Halloween Dressed As Silver Surfer!

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YouTube star Jesse Welle, creator of the popular channel PrankvsPrank just beat everyone at Halloween with his insane Silver Surfer Costume.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Silver Surfer is a Marvel superhero. The Silver Surfer is a humanoid character who was born on another planet — he travels through space with the help of his surfboard-like aircraft.

The Silver Surfer met the Fantastic Four when he made his way to Earth, and they helped him rediscover his humanity.

Jesse Welle spent four hours getting his makeup and body paint done, then skateboarded around NYC on a board made to look like a silver surfboard.

New Yorkers were stunned by Jesse’s intricate costume, and as he zooms around the city streets, you can see onlookers everywhere snapping photos of him on their phones.


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