Man Tattoos Entire Body Blue So He Can Feel Confident

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Donnie, from Scarborough, Ontario decided that he wasn’t happy with the color of his natural skin. So, he decided to start tattooing his entire body a turquoise blue.

Donnie started the process of tattooing his entire body, back in 2017.

His sister, who conveniently happens to be a tattoo artist, filled part of his leg and ankle in with the turquoise blue ink after a few small tattoo attempts on other parts of his body. But these little tattoo sessions only fueled his obsession.

Donnie is 26-years-old and knows what people think of him. “I know what you’re all thinking… Why on earth would you do that to your own body?”

Well, Donnie’s reason is pretty simple.


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Face update. From planet Claire

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According to the Daily Mail, Donnie explained:

“I like the clean look – unladen by symbols. There’s a whimsical element. I thought I’d do my part to keep things interesting, maybe make someone smile. You’ve only got one life – might as well have some fun, eh?”

Donnie claims that before coloring his skin, he lived a life of self-isolation and fear.

“Over several years I had been isolating myself, and making efforts to tone down my less-than-pragmatic impulses, out of fear and lack of confidence – and I was extremely miserable.”

But then he decided to mix things up a bit and turn his life around! 

And start putting his own happiness first.

“After going in circles for far too long, I decided to quit hiding, break myself out of stagnation and remake my life as I’d like it to be, and redirect it to the pursuit a life I’d actually be happy to live.”

And Donnie certainly started to get some attention.

“I get all kinds of comments and reactions when I’m out. Some people love the tattoo, others are clearly not thrilled about it. The questions are endless, and many people are very curious – I don’t blame them, of course.”

He gets all sort of reactions! 

“I’ve had many bizarre interactions, as you can probably imagine – I get surprised looks, unblinking stares, snarky comments, interesting comments, compliments, light-hearted jokes, mean-spirited jokes, stupid questions, odd questions, invasive questions.”

“Whispers, smiles, double-takes, outright laughing, flirting, gasps, eye rolls, thumbs up, free beers, looks of disgust, strange propositions, chuckling, handshakes, people pulling at my clothes to peek underneath, high fives, looks of horror.”


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HAIR! I’m not sure what’s the bigger change – the tattoo, or the hair! Ahaha ;D That wasn’t even it’s final form – I didn’t cut it off until mid 2017! Maybe I’ll grow it out again one day. After I finish tattooing my head, of course! I think today is gonna be a tattoo day – maybe I’ll work on my neck…. or ears? Hmm.. 🤔 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #blackouttattoo #guyswithtattoos #bodymod #bodymodification #facetattoo #headtattoo #necktattoo #gaytattoo #chintattoo #jobstopper #inkedmen #inkedguys #tattedguys #necktattoos #throattattoo #bodymods #eyebrowtattoo #tattooedhead #tattooedgay #gayinked #facetattoos #inkedboys #bodysuittattoo #handtattoo #sleevetattoo #piercings #inkboy #inkboys #faceink #tattooedguy

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His mother wasn’t so impressed…at first. 

“Mom was definitely annoyed at first. But she quickly accepted blue skin as the new normal. I feel a renewed optimism about the feasibility of pursuing wild dreams.”

When Donnie’s journey to blue skin started…he was a forklift driver. Now Donnie spends his days as a jewelry maker. 

“I feel as if I’m slowly becoming re-energized after a protracted period of stagnation. I might become a trillionaire, or move to Mars. Or just carry on selling earrings and get my bus fixed up.”