Man Uses Underwear To Disguise His Face During Gas Station Robbery

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If you are someone who is planning on committing a robbery, you are probably in a super weird place in your life. If you choose underwear as a facial disguise for that robbery, you are most certainly in a super weird place in your life.

26-year-old Shawn McCormick is definitely in that super weird place as he decided that a pair of underwear would definitely do the job.

The unnamed man entered Bratcher’s Fuel in Moberly, Missouri on December 7 at around 6 p.m. armed with a shotgun and a pair of underwear on his head – with the leg holes over his eyes so he could see what he was doing, of course. He made a quick getaway before the police could get there, so the Moberly Police Department took to Facebook to help.

It wasn’t long after the police department posted these photos to their Facebook page that McCormick’s identity was discovered. It would appear that underwear don’t really conceal your identity very well. Let just hope those are clean undies! Eew!

So what have we learned here with Mr. McCormick’s little robbery attempt.

1. Using underwear to conceal your face while committing a felony offense, is not a good idea.

2. You probably shouldn’t rob places at all. Ever.

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