Man ‘Wanted’ Responds To Police Search On Facebook Post To Turn Himself In

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It seems as if social media not only changes the way we interact with our friends and family, but also the way cops interact with their suspects.  Nowadays, the police don’t just put up wanted signs all over the neighbourhood, but they have joined the bandwagon of using Twitter and Facebook to post photos of people on the run and spread the word to others as a means of warning.

In most cases these posts are left unprecedented, until Anthony Akers, a 38-year-old man wanted by The Department of Corrections came into the picture. The Richland WA Police Department recently put out a Facebook post with Akers’ photo stating that he was wanted for failure to comply, and none other than Akers himself replied to the post!


The post instantaneously became comedic relief when Akers jokingly replied: “Calm down, I’m going to turn myself in.” The comedic exchange got even better when the police engaged in the conversation and played along offering him a ride to the station, as well as advising him of their business hours.

Akers responded to the post saying he ‘had to tie up some loose ends’ since he would be in jail for about a month and that ‘he would turn himself in within 48 hours.’ When invested viewers asked if Akers actually stayed true to his word, the police revealed he didn’t show!

Source: Facebook

The cops sent another message imploring him to turn himself in after he stood them up, Akers eventually did, just after he posted a flirtatious photo and caption saying: “Here’s for our date sweetheart.”

Cheers to knowing gentlemen still keep their word.