Man Who Spent More Than $19k To Look Like ‘Barbie’ Is Struggling To Find A Girlfriend

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Technology expert Honza Šimša wears mens clothes to work and is sexually attracted to women, but prefers to adopt a feminine appearance – accentuated by huge false lashes, towering heels and colorful wigs – in his spare time.

However, the 26-year-old is having an issue landing a date due to his ‘surgery addiction’.

Clearly Honza enjoys the “plastic, doll-like look”, and currently has 90ml of filler in his face – which he has injected into his lips, cheeks and chin every month – even having some put in by one of his friend.

Honza lives in the Czech Republic and even though he dresses the way he does, in his mind — he is 100% man.

This is what Honza looked like before his dramatic transformation.

Honza spoke with the Mirror UK:

I’m attracted to women, but some girls do have a problem with my look, as it can be confusing for them. I am single right now, and perfectly fine with that.

I like the girls I date to have the same look – the plastic Barbie-doll look. I still liked myself when I looked more typically masculine, but I am even happier now and would still like to have more surgery.

At the time, I looked and dressed like a guy, but I would always imagine what I could do to get a more feminine face,” he said.

“Eventually, I made the decision that I wanted to be like a plastic doll. I like girls who look that way and I wanted to look that way myself.”

Honza doesn’t have filler in his lips. He also has it in his cheeks and chin too. And, to top it off, he wants to continue to fill his face with fillers so he can truly look 100% plastic.

This is what he looked like when he first began the injections.

Honza told the Mirror that he has a lot of trouble finding a woman to date. In addition, he has had issues landing jobs and often received a ton of cruel comments on his look and lifestyle.

Honza has documented his transformation on Instagram now has more than 5,000 followers, who flock to like the pictures and videos he regularly posts. He has even launched his own brand – Oye Your Space – specializing in lashes and Barbie-style clothing, for other would-be dolls.

So for now, Honza is still searching for love. But he will also be getting more surgery.

I’m not done yet. I want a new nose and I also want to get bum implants, to make my body look more S-shaped – almost as if it has been PhotoShopped.