Man Wins Mind Blowing Island Resort With $49 Raffle Ticket

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Doug and Sally Beitz moved their young family to a Micronesian island over 20 years ago. Over the years, the couple built a resort on the island of Kosrae, and their business has been profitable and self-sustaining ever since.

The couple’s children are now fully grown and living in Australia, so Doug and Sally finally decided to leave their island life behind to become “professional grandparents.”




Instead of selling their life’s work to someone with the deepest pockets, the couple wanted to give everyone a chance at the dream. They decided to hold a raffle and give the resort to the winning ticket holder.




“We feel like a new chapter in our lives is beginning, and we’re ready to pass the baton to someone else,” said co-owner Doug Beitz. “We’ve had our time in the sun and enjoyed a career most people would never even dare dream about, but our current goal now is to become professional grandparents.”




For the price of a $49 raffle ticket, an Australian man known only as Joshua just won the raffle of a lifetime; he now owns his own island paradise.

The Beitz’s couldn’t be happier. They wanted their island home to be affordable for everyone, in hopes that the winner would be someone who would respect the ecosystem and truly enjoy the life they built from the ground up.



The couple had one word of advice for the lucky winner before he was chosen, “Your life is about to change in a very special way.”


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