Man With 102 Children and 568 Grandchildren Thinks It’s Time To Stop Having Kids

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Musa Hasahya is a farmer from Uganda who not only has a passion for farming – he loves making babies too!

Musa is married to 12 women, yes, 12 women. In Uganda polygamy is legal. Musa feels that a man should be able to please more than one woman. What a stud! But juggling multiple wives isn’t Musa’s biggest hardship, have over 100 kids and nearly 600 grandkids is putting him in a bit of a financial bind.

No…really? Who would have thought.

In order to provide for his children and grandkids, Musa has no decided that he will stop having kids and requested that all of his wives use birth control from here on out! Musa’s income has decreased over the years and he can no longer keep up with his growing family.

About on third of Musa’s children live with him on his farm – ages ranging from 6 years old to 51 years old. His youngest wife, Zulaika, who is the mother of 11 of his 102 children, has agreed to take birth control pills in order to limit the size of the family.

Polygamy is a very controversial ideal, with the act of polygamy being illegal in many places around the globe.

It is often criticized for violating the rights of women and children. In polygamous relationships, women may be denied access to education and employment opportunities and may be subject to abuse and discrimination.

Children in polygamous families may also suffer, as they may be denied the opportunity to receive adequate care and support from their parents. It is important to recognize and address the negative impacts that polygamy can have on individuals and families.