Marching Band In Hot Water Over Inappropriate Halftime Performance

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Kansas State Marching Band Made A Giant 50-Yard Penis

During Saturday’s halftime performance, the Kansas State Marching Band formed the image of what many thought was a giant penis, which then went right into the mouth of their rival team’s mascot.

K-State claims it was only trying to represent the Enterprise, the spaceship from the “Star Trek” shows and movies, doing battle with the University of Kansas Jayhawk. And indeed, the band was playing the “Star Trek” theme during the performance in the middle of a game against South Dakota, which included space-related images and music.

The band has stated they will pay a $5,000 fine to rectify the situation. (We said rectify, not E-rectify)

After careful review of the tape by one of our Awesome Jelly – penis loving staffers, it was quickly determined that the phallic formation on the field was in fact and penis and it was being inserted into the beak area of the opposing teams mascot.

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