Texans Pay For Mariachi Band To Play On Ted Cruz’s Front Lawn After His Cancun Trip

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The Mariachi band played on the lawn of Ted Cruz’s house as neighbors and spectators gathered in the street to watch the show!

Everyone now knows that Senator Ted Cruz left to vacation in Mexico with his family while his home state of Texas was being destroyed by a winter storm and freezing temps that caused power outages, low water supplies, and at least 55 deaths so far.

Cruz had a ridiculous excuse for the trip all ready for when he initially got busted — but Texans know that he’s a super strange dude — so they decided to send him a Mariachi band. Which we believe was more of a ‘f**k you Ted Cruz’, than a ‘thank you Ted Cruz’, gesture.

The band was seen playing outside the home the real-life Eddie Munster shares with his wife and kids (who are still sunning themselves in Mexico). According to witnesses, some of his neighbors went out on in front of his house to enjoy the live music on Sunday, which was organized by Adam Jama, the Independent reported.

Jama wrote on a fundraising page for the band that, “No one should go to Cancun and not listen to mariachi.”

While the band played, Cruz had a photographer following him around Texas – snapping shots of him ‘helping’ fellow Texans. There was video of Cruz putting a 24-pack of water into the truck of a car in an empty parking lot. A photo of Cruz gently caressing the arm of a maskless woman and video of Cruz helping a family remove rugs from their home after experiencing water damage.

So basically it was all BS.

There is no doubt, deep down, Cruz is pissed that he missed the Mariachi band.