Marijuana Tampons Are Actually A Thing And They’ll Cure Your Cramps And Pains

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marijuana tampons cure cramps pains

With increasing awareness about cannabis and it’s healing properties spreading far and wide across the world, marijuana is now being given its due recognition as an effective medicinal product by both masses and medical experts alike.

Numerous research studies have found out that cannabis can help in curing a variety of medical conditions like glaucoma, insomnia epilepsy and even depression.

With all the positive studies and results, they’ve now gone ahead and created cannabis-fused tampons that will help in getting rid of menstrual cramps.

The product – called Foria Relief – isn’t like your typical tampon. Foria is selling packs of four cannabis-based suppositories that are shaped like tampons.

Based on a user’s experience, the product needs to be inserted with a tampon applicator and it will do its work. Foria recommends using the suppositories along with tampons to increase the product’s comfort-providing effects.

“The vaginal suppository format helps deliver the medicine directly to where it is needed most,” the company page explains.

These suppositories are made out of just three natural ingredients — THC oil, CBD isolate and organic cocoa butter. According to Foria, the combination of both THC oil and CBD isolate is meant to ‘activate certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced into the body.’

What do you think? Worth a shot right?